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Real Estate Investment Opportunities

At Habitare International, we provide potential investors with the most up to date and accurate information regarding real estate, including the often elusive bank-owned foreclosures and short sales that make for amazing deals. We are constantly performing research, as well as documenting trends in the greater Miami market, so we can relay quality information to our clients. If you are looking to invest in real estate in the South Florida market, then Habitare International is here to help you make an educated decision to fulfill your goals.

Investing in a Resale Property


Investing in real estate with the intention of selling again is known as purchasing a resale property (a.k.a "flipping"). This has the potential to produce a very high return within a short period of time. For example, a condo purchased at $60,000.00 ($30,000.00 to purchase a semi-distressed property, $20,000.00 for the renovation work, and $5,000.00 for Realtor fees & carrying costs), can realistically result in a net profit of $15,000.00 or more. That breaks down to be about a 25% net profit in less than a year! If a property and the local market are researched correctly before purchase, risk is drastically minimized and the chance for a successful “flip” is dramatically bolstered. By working with Habitare International from step one, you can be confident that you will be properly consulted and your risk-to-reward ratio well be greatly enhanced. In this era of historically low interest rates, informed real estate investing is a marquee way to let your money work for you. Pease continue reading to discover how Habitare International can work with you to minimize your risk and maximize your profit.

Low Risk Investment

When you purchase a property, it is all yours. The title is placed in only your name and you will possess something tangible that is yours alone to sell and to profit from. Before a nail is hammered, all the renovation work required for a profitable resale is detailed in an easy-to-read contractual agreement between you and the home improvement company awarded the job. (We have plenty of quality referrals!) We will make sure you know all your costs up front, before you buy the property, and most importantly, before you sign the contract. We will be there every step of the way and can serve as your overseer to make sure things happen the way you want them to and how they need to. Once the renovations are complete, you will possess a completely livable, attractive and valuable property that you will be ready to place on the market with guidance from Habitare International. From that point on, it is just a matter of how soon it will sell and for how much profit. When done right, it is extremely difficult to actually lose money - the worst case scenario is your money being tied up in the property for a little longer than expected, or the possibility of selling for a smaller profit than expected.

Secrets for a Successful Sale

The ultimate goal in purchasing real estate for investment is to end up selling in a timely manner and for a profit that makes it all worthwhile. To accomplish this, there are a few main considerations that will significantly increase your profit margin:

  • Location – Everybody knows this one! “Location, location, location.” This fact is paramount to consider and you can feel confident that we know every street, alley and up-and-coming area in South Florida!
  • Product – It is important to begin with a property that can be purchased and renovated for considerably less than for what it can later be sold. Equally important is ending up with a property that after being polished up is a notch above the rest!
  • Price – Selecting a correct asking price is a science, and this can make or break good deals. Price it too high, and you are likely to receive more gasps than green. Price it too low, and you are likely to miss out showings that would result in the most profitable offers. That is why we rely on the services of our professional and reputable agents to thoroughly do the market research to place your property in the listings right where it should be.
  • Advertising – Knowing your market is crucial, and this means being aware of where those potential buyers are looking. We work with many publications, digital and print, and have many close relationships with advertisers to place your listings where they will attract the most notice and get the most attention.

How It Works

We always begin with a buyer representation agreement. After we hear and understand your requirements and goals, you can sit back and relax as our team goes to work to locate a property that will meet and exceed your criteria. Once located, you will be provided with high quality photos, a quote for the renovation, and an estimated final market price. From there, we will again review the numbers to make sure everything looks right and then we will work together to craft a final offer to submit for the property. Renovation work can be scheduled promptly for immediately after your purchase closing date so as not to waste any time. As soon as the renovation is complete, the property can be placed on the market and advertised strategically. From that point on, it is just a matter of time until your property starts receiving quality offers! To recap, you invest for the property, the renovation, and carrying costs. After the property sells, the difference (minus normal Realtor fees and any closing costs) is YOUR PROFIT.

Long Term Real Estate Investments

If you are not interested in “flipping”, but you still want to invest in real estate some way, purchasing with the long term in mind is the way to go. Sometimes, you can find a deal so good, that there is almost zero margin for profit on a quick turnaround and resale. In this instance, your best bet is to rent out the property until the market shows enough growth that it is worth your while to sell. By having tenants occupy the property, you can adjust the rent so this monthly income will add up to cover the annual costs of maintenance and taxes, as well as make a profit. With our expertise and knowledge of the Miami area rental market, we can help you identify properties that match your investment criteria and that have a proven track record for producing reliable rental income for the longer term.

Looking For the Right Property

Finding a prospective property can be a very overwhelming task, especially if you are not quite sure where and what exactly to look for. Let our experience and know how work for you. Once we have determined certain details and considerations, like how much you want to invest and how much you expect to profit, we can then begin the search for your future investment property!

How to Get Started

Give us a call at 305-728-6466 or send us an email to carolina@habitareintl.com

Business Investment Opportunities - Purchasing a Business in South Florida

If you are in the market to buy a South Floridian business for the first time, or are seeking to grow your existing business holdings in South Florida, your chance for success will be positively enhanced by enlisting the aid of an experienced agent from Habitare International and its affiliated business brokers.

Habitare International, LLC is best defined as an Integrated Realty Service, meaning our capacity and expertise goes well beyond just the purchase and sale of real estate. Our talented and specialized agents have backgrounds and experience in many different fields, and are here to help you with any type of venture you may have interest in pursuing in South Florida, including the purchase of an already existing business.

Habitare International agents will work with hand in hand to select the right acquisition to suit your needs. From the very beginning of your search, we will:

  • Perform research on every business of interest
  • Obtain and analyze data regarding a company's finances, earning potential, assets and employees
  • Create and present you with a custom market perspective for every business to determine the cost and value of potential acquisitions in respect to others in the local market.

After we present you will all the possibilities, you can make an educated decision as to how you wish to proceed. We will be right there to assist you with the subsequent steps, including:

  • Contacting a company and crafting a formal offer
  • Helping to coordinate and manage all steps of an acquisition
  • Providing advice and assistance in the creation of a business plan for success in the local market
  • Managing client relations on both sides of the deal, in order to ensure a smooth transition.

Call Habitare International on 305-728-6466 or e-mail us today at carolina@habitareintl.com so we can guide you through the logistics of becoming a successful business owner in South Florida.

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